Wanted baby or just a tissue?

The most beautiful entrance in to this mayhem called life is through birth. How amazingly different are the lives of two simultaneously conceived babies. Where one is privileged to enjoy the perks of his homecoming. The other is still struggling between pending decisions.

Why is it so convenient to not own upto the decisions or at times called accidents. why is an unborn being made to suffer for his undoing?

Why isn’t he involved in the abolition of his existence ?


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Questions are many but answers are different. We might come across real reasons which can be countered as genuine reasons to not have that tissue develop as a child. But what if that tissue was the thing which wanted to breathe and wanted to experience the fresh scent of roses.

Its thinkable or avoidable …

i leave that to every individual but taking decisions on someone who doesn’t have a say for his life isn’t what confides to my conscious…

Fiona Kaur

Author- Ink of Pain


Arrival of life…

On the arrival of life’s every decision, there is a lot of chaos in my min. I’m half mind and half heart thinker and usually the wrong part works in the decisions. I have always wondered how do people develop into right decisions every time.

I found the answers lying in the positivity and brightness they shower in there every step of life. The easiest to be in life is to be NEGATIVE. Negativity breeds in many emotions like self pity, indifference, depression, sadness etc. Its very important towards how we look at things.

Situations basically are very simple, its just the perspective that matters. Have you ever realised when we speak about our problems to a third person there are many solutions that we never even thought of.

Lets just give life an easy stance and live what we have as today. Making decisions becomes much easier with a relaxed head.


Fiona Kaur*


Lets think about this topic called overthink

What are we doing by overthinking about

something which is beyond

boundaries and controls.


We go on with passion of bothering

our peaceful most important sleeps

and end up just having DARK CIRCLES.

Like literally is it worth it

you know how hard is it to treat them

i have had them after most

intense thinking nights,

trust me the situation didn’t change but

surely my eyes were soar

my head spinned

got dark circles

and for sure had massive headaches.

Take care of you as overthinking


Sleep peacefully


Fiona Kaur*

Mysteries of my dreams…

What are dreams ?
Is there any message behind any dreams?

I didn’t believe in it until a few months back i started experiencing weird visuals in my dreams. Visuals which meant nothing as a connection into the real world. Visuals like cats and dogs, gold bars, same breed of dogs, snakes in a particular fashion. Things which I’m no where closely related to and just remained registered in my head.

Often i have been woken up from my sleep to realise that this visual is stuck in my head and needs my attention. It was only in one of those nights that i started looking up for a particular meaning. And what i found was astonishing. The low life had hit me with and those visuals gave me a clear answer how to move ahead and work towards my
hearts goal. And from then on i have been closely related to my dreams.

Its not that all dreams have a meaning as normally within 40 minutes of getting up we forget what we saw. There will always be a certain kind of visual that sticks and calls for your attention. That is where your core of understanding comes in between and you listen to your own respective calling.

Fiona Kaur*